January 2007

MySQL updated to version 5.0.33

MySQL has released a new version of the Community Server 5.0.33. This is a source-only release, which means that MySQL.com will not provide binary builds. You can read all about the new/changed functionality and bugfixes in the release notes. You can download the latest source version from the MySQL.com site.

Because of the new Community release policy, there will be source only releases between the full (binary) releases. I was unable to find out what the reason for it was or when a version qualifies for a binary release.

You can download the binary install of a previous version and do the source compile/install to get a functional 5.0.33 version running with all the goodies and defaults from the binary install (like a startupitem and preference pane).

New release of the MySQL GUI Tools

Not everybody is a Terminal wizard and some people really love to use their mouse to do their stuff. It’s good to know for them that MySQL has a package of tools that allows you just to that. The pachage includes the following tools to administer, create and maintain your database:

MySQL Administrator

MySQL Query Browser

MySQL Migration Toolkit

MySQL Workbench

Courier-Auth module updated to 0.59.1

Just letting you know that the Courier-auth library got updated with a small bug fix that has no affect on us. It is a fix concerning anonymous LDAP binds and we don’t use LDAP in our setup. But it will explain why you will a see a new version when you go and download it. I’m using it myself and there are no changes to the workings in our setup, it works perfectly.

Apache upgrade to 2.2.4

Well it has been a few days since I got the email for the new release of Apache and I was going to write about it sooner. But as happens often I got sidetracked and didn’t think of it until error reports came in via email and comments that there was something wrong with my compilation instructions.

It looks like we need an extra flag to compile properly namely the “--with-included-apr” option to force internal APR functionality and not from another package. The installation page has been updated accordingly !

There are more changes and bugs fixed besides this change, you can read all about them at the download page of apache, read the Changes file. I can’t link to it directly as it is dynamically altered to link to a mirror in your neighborhood.