March 2007

Apple TV the next server platform?

The Apple TV has only been released for several days now and the hacks keep coming in ! I don’t have one yet and don’t see one coming in the near future as I just spend my alloted budget on a new PS3. Would love to hear from anyone who’s attempted to install Apache, Mysql and even the mailserver. I wish I could get my hands on one for a short period just to try it out… It would be one hell of a cheap server !

Maybe it is an idea to start a new donation round for one if people are interested in the results ?

Update: It looks like Apache was already found running on the Apple TV !

Update for Mac OS X 10.4.9

What a surprise, is this the last hurdle for Leopard ? I’ve udated my PPC server and haven’t ran into any issues at the moment. Everything still is working as expected. I don’t think Intel based Macs should have any problem as it looks like our programs aren’t affected.

Check out all the improvements that where made in the knowledge base article describing the update.

MySQL released version 5.0.37

MySQL has released version 5.0.37 of the Community Server. This is a binary and source-only release. You can read all about the new/changed functionality and bugfixes in the release notes. You can download the latest source version from the site.

You can download the binary install and do the source compile/install to get a functional 5.0.37 version running with all the goodies and defaults from the binary install. You still need to do the recompile to get the shared libraries. The bug still isn’t fixed, please add your vote to the bug-report to get this silly issue solved !