April 2007

Postfix updated and tested to 2.4.0

I’ve finaly gotten around to update and test my own installations of Postfix 2.4.0. It all works as promised and nothing has to be changed to get it working. Just follow the install instructions with the nex source and you’ll be up and running in no time. Here is a list of the major changes been made to this version:

  • Postfix can now manage thousands of connections without needing
    special main.cf, master.cf, or compile-time tweaks, on systems with BSD kqueue, Solaris /dev/poll, or Linux epoll support.
  • Milter support for message body replacement. The resulting queue
    files are backwards compatible with Postfix 2.3. The existing Milter
    support for message header manipulations was revised and is now
    implemented by much simpler code.
  • Minor improvements in TLS session cache management and in the
    implementation of certificate fingerprint based authentication. A
    more extensive revision of TLS internals will appear first in Postfix
    2.5 snapshots.
  • Improvements in queue manager performance when deferring large
    amounts of mail, or when delivering mail with lots of recipients.
  • Workarounds for SMTP servers that reply and hang up prematurely,
    for file system clocks that are out of sync, and for broken kernel
    lock management in POP servers.

One that is very good is that you no longer need to enter a valid domain name for myhostname in main.cf. Which confused many people and was difficult to use for people.

Security Update 2007-4

It’s time for a well needed security update. It fills some needed holes that could be exploited. I’ve installed it on my servers and didn’t run into any issues as expected because of the affected components don’t touch our programs. Read more about the update here. If you haven’t updated yet please do it now !

Courier-Auth module updated to 0.59.2

As promised, sooner than I expected myself, here is some more information on the update of Courier Auth to version 0.59.2. It wasa minor upgrade where the following items where fixed:

  • Fix pedantic compilation warnings
  • Implement SSL-encrypted MySQL connections
  • Update documentation to Docbook XML V4.4

Installing or upgrading is done by just following the install instructions and restarting the Auth daemon. Please don’t forget to do:

chmod o+x /usr/local/var/spool/authdaemon

Updates galore

During my week of absence it looks like there happened a lot. Postfix got a new major release bringing it to 2.4.0 and Courier authlib got an update bringing it to 0.59.2. I haven’t looked at the releases themselves but I will test them this week to see if these releases can be used without breaking anything in our current configuration.

Another thing I’m glad to notice is that there is some movement in the development of Dspam. It’s been rather quiet the last few months but Jonathan Zdziarski has released version 3.8.0 from 3.6.8. Mostly because of a lot of new features. I haven’t tried it myself but the user mailinglist is buzzing with positive results. It is however an unofficial release and he hopes he can announce something really positive in the time to come that will really move the project forward. Can’t wait to find out what that will be…

I will post my findings on Postfix and Courier Authlib as soon as possible. Dspam will take a bit longer as it is more complex and I need time for other stuff as well, sorry…