Alright, Wietse has been busier than me and because of that I missed an update. So the current source version that is available is 2.4.5 which should run fine on your current machine without a problem. Here is a summary of changes; for details please see HISTORY or RELEASE_NOTES in the source archive:

  • MILTER bugfix: When a milter replied with ACCEPT at or before the first RCPT command, the cleanup server would apply the non_smtpd_milters setting as if the message was a local submission. Problem reported by Jukka Salmi.
  • MILTER bugfix: Problem with header updates after body updates. Reported by Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz.
  • MILTER robustness: Assorted cleanups to harden error handling in the Postfix Milter client.
  • SASL workaround for Postfix SMTP client: Some non-Cyrus SASL SMTP servers require SASL login without authzid (authoriZation ID), i.e. the client must send only the authcid (authentiCation ID) + the authcid’s password. This is now the default Postfix SMTP client behavior.
  • Loopback TCP performance workaround: Some systems exhibited poor SMTP and Milter performance with loopback ( connections. Problem reported by Mark Martinec.