Sam released a new batch of updates on most of the Courier packages, here is the list with the important changes:

Courier-authlib 0.60.0:

  • Fix some compiler errors in authvchpw
  • userdb: allow underscores in login names
  • courierlogger: use OPEN_MAX or sysconf(_SC_OPEN_MAX) to pick the highest available file descriptor for the lock file
  • License update to GPL3

Courier-imap 4.2.0

  • COPYING updated to GPL 3
  • Updated man pages to Docbook XML 4.4
  • IMAP performance improvements
  • Ignore SIGPIPE errors in couriertcpd, preventing couriertcpd from being terminated if the stderr logger crashes.
  • Logging changes – include remote port number in IMAP and POP3 logs
  • If using courier-analog, must upgrade to version 0.15
  • Try to autodetect clock skew

Note: Please don’t update if you are not sure. There have been issues reported and I haven’t tested it myself. I will test it asap…

Note 2: I’ve checked it myself and there is a problem with version 0.60 and 0.60.1 of courier-auth. Currently working with the developers to get it worked out.