Allright, the update for Courier-Auth that solves the bug found when using with Mac OSX is released. There where some other issues that were fixed in the IMAP server and some other small bugs in other parts of the courier software stack that we don’t use in our setup. The bug fixes that concern us are:

  • courier-authlib: portability fix for the check of the highest available file descriptor, this is the one we reported on earlier
  • imap: Fix crash during ‘make check’ on some platforms
  • imap: Avoid a double-fclose in a marginal error condition

I’ve tested these new releases (0.60.2 for Courier-Auth and 4.2.1 for Courier-IMAP) and they work, don’t forget to do a:
sudo chmod o+x /usr/local/var/spool/authdaemon
after you’ve done a ‘make install’ on the courier-auth daemon.