Alright, this time on time and not weeks behind the official release like the last update of Postfix. Wietse released a minor bug-fix which solves some problems in the SMTP client. The bug-fixes include:

  • A remote SMTP client TLS certificate with an unparsable canonical
    name triggered a panic error in the Postfix SMTP server (attempt
    to allocate zero-length memory) while sending a request to an
    SMTPD policy server.
  • On backup MX servers where the queue file system is mounted with
    “atime” (file read/execute access time) updates disabled, the
    flush daemon would trigger mail delivery attempts once every 1000
    seconds, thus rendering the maximal_backoff_time setting useless
    for backup MX service.

This update has been tested on my test server and my production server is using this latest release as well for a few hours now without a problem.

By the way as a sidenote, I’ve ordered my Leopard box in the online Apple store. I need to prepare my test server for the upgrade!