As I already blogged before, there where some changes in the user creation. I noticed the new notification for the mysql user which changed in Leopard into _mysql, the underscore appears on almost all the users that aren’t connected to people. The only users without an underscore are ‘daemon’, ‘nobody’, ‘root’ and me.

But more has changed I found out. As where I first used the Netinfo tools to create users for daemons to have them use it, like the vmail user for the virtual mail directory. But in Leopard these tools are gone! There is also no GUI tool to have a look at them.

There is a new tool in town, it’s called the ‘Directory Service command line utility’, ‘dscl’ for short and is command line only! See this article in the Apple knowledgebase and the dscl man page here.

Here is a example on how to use the tool which you have to use as root or use with the sudo command. To find out the UID of the postfix user you use the following command:

$ sudo dscl . -read /Users/_postfix

Which returns:

AppleMetaNodeLocation: /Local/Default
NFSHomeDirectory: /var/spool/postfix
Password: *
PrimaryGroupID: 27
Postfix Mail Server
RecordName: _postfix postfix
RecordType: dsRecTypeStandard:Users
UniqueID: 27
UserShell: /usr/bin/false

This means another task for rewriting the documentation. Which makes me a bit sad.