While trundling to my subscribed RSS feeds (still too many and I’m still pruning them regularly) I noticed John Gruber mentioning his friend Dan Benjamin writeup of his MySQL compilation instructions article. I’ve read it and it’s pretty good and really well written for an audience who have no experience at the Terminal.

I do however not gree with all his instructions which are pretty much geared to his need to get Ruby on Rails working for him. The most important mistake I see is that he doesn’t go for the shared libraries options. He is compiling static libraries and we know from experience (read the older blogpost son the subject) that that options causes issues with for instance our PHP compilation.

Another item that keeps me wondering is why he’s removing the default StartupItem which works fine even wth your own compiled installation and replace it with a new launchd script. But I would recommend to read the article yourself and draw you own conclusions.

By the way, the installation instructions for MySQL, Apache and PHP have been updated to reflect the impact that Leopard had on them. I’m still working on the mailserver instructions.