Postfix 2.5.1 had been released for a few weeks but I just got around to test it on both Tiger and Leopard. Both OS X version do not cause any problems. I did found out one error in the previous blogpost on the Leopard install instructions concerning the SASL include path which might have also caused the issues with 2.5.0. I’ve updated that post to reflect the changes. It will compile on Tiger without any changes.

The bugfixes introduced in 2.5.1 are:

  • The Postfix 2.5 “postfix upgrade-configuration” command now works even with Postfix 2.4 or earlier versions of the postfix command, instead of producing a file with an empty “data_directory” parameter value.
  • When installing Postfix 2.5.0 without upgrading from an existing file, the new file had an incorrect process limit for the proxywrite service. This service is used only by the obscure “smtp_sasl_auth_cache_name” and “lmtp_sasl_auth_cache_name” configuration parameters.
  • Someone needed multi-line support for header/body Milter replies.
  • The LDAP client’s TLS support was broken in several ways.