I know, I should have know better and I should have upgraded my blog as I was supposed to do as advised by Matt. But I was busy working on this new design which I was doing on a new install of WordPress 2.5 with a copy of the database as my site got hacked yesterday. The whole database was corrupted, pages and comments disappeared. While I was trying to restore a backup as soon as possible I made things even worse than they already where.

To keep it short, I just made my test environment where I was developing the new design of the site the current live site. It was the easiest thing to do and I only lost some posts and comments by that. Which I still will try to retrieve in some manner when possible. The design isn’t finished, it still needs some tweaks. I just received an email from the designer with a large list of items I need to change. Tanja, I’m sorry I will do them as quickly as possible.

Hope you like the new design even if it isn’t completely finished yet.