You all might have noticed the new sponsor banner on the new site for on the right hand site and wondered why. The thing is I’ve decided to move my server from home to to keep providing this website and service to the best of my abilities.

It’s not something I decided on a easily, I was always proud to be able to host all the sites with their respective email server from my home using my simple DSL connection. But lately the stability of my DSL connection has gone down. I’ve had two outages this year alone.

I used to have my DSL connection with a small reputable ISP which delivered great service. Whenever you needed assistance you could call the help-desk and someone who actually understood what you where talking about was able to help you and get you going again. But consolidation is the name of the game and large ISP’s are buying the smaller ones and the service deteriorates rapidly. Whenever I call now they tell be to reboot the computer as they assume I’ve got a Windows machine and all the questions are scripted as with any call-center.

I still believe that it is possible to host from home using your DSL line, the outages I had never lasted longer than half a day. Which meant that I would never loose any mail. But too many people are currently depending on my server to be up and running 24/7. If you don’t have that requirement and can live with 99% uptime instead of 99.999% you’ll be fine hosting at home.

Brian Stucky offered me a great deal at which made the decision to go outdoor a lot easier. In exchange I’m putting a banner on the site to return the favor. I think he is running a great service for us Mac lovers who want to use a mini as their server platform. He’s very quick to respond to any question I had, even the outlandish ones. Besides the standard packages macminicolo offers there is room to customise the offer to your needs. I will keep posting on my experiences with macminicolo but untill now they are excellent… TUAW recently tested macminicolo and they liked it as well.

An additional benefit might be that the site might become a bit more responsive as the bandwidth will be a lot better.

PS. If fiber to my home becomes affordable (which will take a few years) I will reconsider my options again!