People often ask me why I have my own mail-server. Why spend all this time and money on having your own server when there are a lot of free email services that do everything you want and more for nothing. I don’t think I have to give you any examples you know the ones they mean. I tell them the following:

Because I can and because I like it!

I like to have my own mail-server because I like to be in control. I decide the features. I decide what happens with my email. I decide when email is spam. I decide the size of my inbox. I decide what is secure enough. I decide who gets access to my mail. Especially the last two are becoming more and more important when governments become more and more paranoid.

Another reason which, I guess, is only valid for geeks: It’s fun! You really get to understand the workings of email, spam filtering, and more. By configuring, tweaking and reading the log-files you really get to understand what happens and how you can improve your own mail-server.

Why did you choose to have your own mail-server ?