Sam Varshavchik has released an upgrade to the Courier-Auth daemon and the Courier-IMAP server.

Courier-Auth upgraded to 0.61.0 this release has the following changes:

  • Implement stubs for the SASL EXTERNAL authentication method.
  • Switch to versionless shared libraries. Install all shared libraries just as .so. make install manually removes *.so.0.0 files that were left over from previous versions, and installs a temporary *.so.0 symlink to *.so, for temporary binary ABI compatibility with 0.60. The symlinks will be removed in 0.62.

To upgrade your courier-auth installation read “Upgrading Courier-Auth

Courier-IMAP was upgraded to 4.4.0 and a small configure bug was found and a few days later 4.4.1 was released which compiles without a problem.

  • Optimizations to IMAP keywords. A trade-off with concurrency: faster speed in exchange for a race condition if two concurrent sessions attempt to update keywords on the same message — the last one wins.
  • Add a POP3 login timeout.
  • Fix parsing of backslashes in address fields.
  • Implement SSL certificate based authentication.
  • Fix minor issues with SSL/TLS session caching

To upgrade your courier-IMAP installation read “Upgrading Courier IMAP