Postfix 2.5.3 has just been released and I just installed and tested it on my test server. There are no major changes in this release just some bugfixes. If you haven’t experienced any problems there is no pressure to upgrade.

The bugfixes in 2.5.3 are:

  • Bugfix: null-terminate CN comment string after sanitization.
    File: smtpd/smtpd.c.
  • Workaround: avoid “bad address pattern” errors with non-address
    patterns in namadr_list_match() calls. File: util/match_ops.c.
  • Bugfix (introduced 20080207): “cleanup -v” panic because
    the new “SMTP reply” request flag did not have a printable
    name. File: global/cleanup_strflags.c.
  • Cleanup: using “Before-queue content filter”, RFC3848
    information was not added to the headers. Carlos Velasco.
    File smtpd/smtpd.c.
  • Cleanup: a poorly-implemented integer overflow check for
    TCP MSS calculation had the unexpected effect that people
    broke Postfix on LP64 systems while attempting to silence
    a compiler warning. File: util/vstream_tweak.c.
  • Paranoia: defer delivery when a mailbox file is not owned
    by the recipient. Requested by Sebastian Krahmer, SuSE.
    Specify “strict_mailbox_ownership=no” to ignore ownership
    discrepancies. Files: local/mailbox.c, virtual/mailbox.c.

For instructions on how to upgrade Postifx please read Upgrading Postifx.