September 2008

Interview with Wietse Venema

Just ran across this interview with Wietse Venema in the Security Focus website.

“Wietse Venema started out as a physicist, but became interested in the security of the programs he wrote to control his physics experiments. He went on to create several well-known network and security tools, including the Security Administrator’s Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN) and The Coroner’s Toolkit with Dan Farmer. He is also the creator of the popular MTA Postfix and TCP Wrapper.”

I liked reading it, it gives some nice insight in the mind if the creator of Postfix. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Compiling MySQL, Apache and PHP in 64 bits

Some of you have the “luxury” of having Macs with Core 2 Duo processors. I’m still working on my Core Duo Mac mini so this post isn’t really for me. But if you have one of those Macs who are capable of running 64 bit software than this post is for you.

To compile MySQL, Apache or PHP you need to add a compiler flag to the ./configure statement and that is it.

CFLAGS=”-arch x86_64″ \
./configure etc…

(Note: this is only valid for Intel CPU’s, in case of a PowerPc use ppc_64)

I do not know how this would influence performance as I can’t run 64 bit apps. If someone would test the difference and comment their findings here that would be great.

To find out if you’ve got the capability of running 64 bit applications I found this simple test. Open a Terminal session and execute the following command:

httpd -V

In the output you should find a line with:

Architecture: 64-bit

if you have got a 64 bit version or

Architecture: 32-bit

if you have a 32 bits system just like me.

By the way I’m planning for a new Mac before the end of the year. Still need to decide what model but I’ve started saving up for it, care to help ?

Keeping DSpam in a good shape

I noticed that my spam filter wan’t performing as well as it used to do. Somehow more and more spam wasn’t blocked anymore. It was becoming annoying. I didn’t have this problem on my system at home before I migrated to I looked around on my old system which is still doing it’s work as a backup-mx for my primary server in Vegas.

I found out that a weekly cron job which was purging the DSpam database and removed the old “out-of-date” stuff wasn’t there. I never got around to document it so therefore I had not installed it during the migration. Well there is no better time than the now to correct it. I’ve documented it (Purging the Dspam database automatically) and installed it on my machine. Spam filtering will improve now!

I’m sorry about having left this out for you all!