As I was working with Ceriel from on compiling Apache, MySQL and PHP in 64 bit mode we both were interested in finding out if there is a big difference in performance. Getting the results took more time then first anticipated, Ceriel had a lot of problems getting the Perl DBD DBI components compiled as 64 bit modules which wasn’t as simple as expected.

But we finally got the MySQL Benchmarking suite running and we are happy to report that we found an avarage improvement of 20% when running MySQL in 64 bit mode. Which is a big improvement by just compiling the software for a different architecture.

We’ve ran the test by issueing the script ‘run-all-tests --fast‘. If you want the raw results please mail me or leave a comment.

Please note that this isn’t done as a scientific responsible test, it’s been done just off-hand to get an idea of the difference. We ran the tests on a Mac mini with a 2Ghz Core 2 Duo CPU with 4 Gb of memory. Your results might differ with different machine types.