After being annoyed for the nth time that my internal hard disk (still the standard 60 Gb) was full and hed to move some ofmy stuff to one of the 3 external hard disks connected to my desktop mini. I found a good deal and bought myself a Samsung 250 Gb, 7200rpm drive for 69 euro to replace the internal drive. I now can put my iTunes collection on the internal drive and as an added bonus the mini feels a bit more responsive. I haven’t actually measured it but compiling apache again looks like it is happening faster.

Why do I tell you this, because I paid for the drive partly with some of the money I got from the donations I received from some happy users. As this mini is used to test everything first I thought it was appropriate.

Next target for the donations is getting a new Mac (I hope for a new mini), I need it to be able to support you who want to compile everything in 64 bits mode. My current mini’s don’t support 64 bit. I’ve got one of the early Intel mini’s also paid for partly by donations in September 2006! (Boy does time pass quickly when you have fun)

Currently I can only support Tiger and Leopard on G4 and Intel 32 bits machines. Planning for the future I would like to support 64 bits Intel machines as well. As soon as Snow Leopard comes out the plan is to drop support for Tiger so from then on I will support Leopard on G4/G5 and Intel (32 and 64 bit) and Snow Leopard on Intel (32 and 64 bit).

I hope you agree with this decision as it is impossible to support every combination. I know some of you still use Tiger on older Macs and are unable to upgrade. Please know that I’ll try to help you to the best of my ability even if you are not using one of the supported combinations.