Thanks to Steve who commented on the update notification we quikly discovered that the update cripples postfix just like it did with 10.5.5.

The update replaces the postfix binary (so there is no more support for mysql) and changes the configuration file so that postfix no longer accepts any connection from the outside world.

To solve these issues follow this procedure:

In the file /etc/postifx/ comment out or delete the following line:

inet_interfaces = localhost

To solve the problem of the replaced binary you need to go nto the postfix source directoy of the last succesfull build and run:

sudo make install

Restarted postfix again and all was fine and running again.

Sorry, I’m still looking into the issue of missing this on my test system. I’ve upgraded my production system this morning before going into the office to make sure this was the case and how to solve it. My apologies for any inconviniences this might have caused.