December 2008

Courier-Auth updated to 0.61.1

Sam Varshavchik has released an upgrade to the Courier-Auth daemon, it’s a minor bug fix which solves the following problems:

  • authsasllogin.c (authsasl_login): Fix memory leak.
  • authldaplib.c (read_env): Fix resource leak. authldap did not close the authldaprc configuration file after reading it on startup.
  • authldaplib.c (auth_ldap_do2): Fix used ptr after free(). When an email map feature is enabled, and the map failed, the resulting error message was formed from a buffer that was recently free()ed.
  • authpipe.c (auth_pipe): Fix memory leak. If the fork() system call failed (unlikely), a buffer wasn’t getting released
  • Fix spec file to invoke authmksock with a short pathname.

I’ve tested this release without a problem and my production server is running this version at the moment without a problem.

To upgrade your courier-auth installation read “Upgrading Courier-Auth

Be carefull with MySQL 5.1.x

Just got a link to this blogpost from Micheal Widenius a.k.a. Monty. Yes, the founder and orignal developer of MySQL who recently left Sun. He is telling the world that the 5.1 wasn’t ready for a GA release and that you should be carefull if you use it.

I’ve only installed it on my test server for the moment. I would suggest you do the same and not use it on a production environment untill the dust has settled on this. I will try to keep following this to keep you informed.

I will still write the installation document for 5.1 but it will be on your own risk if you want to use it. I hope this problem will be worked out soon.

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