January 2009

How to create maildirectories automatically

This weekend I’ve added another piece of documentation to solve some of the problems with maildrop. As you might have found out maildrop does not create the directories automatically for delivering the emails when a new user is setup on your system. The postfix virtual delivery mechanism does this perfectly. However, because maildrop is scriptable (also by end users) and is therefore considered a risk in letting it do stuff as root user.

I’ve therefore created a small shell script and a template maildir that will perform all the required tasks automatically. It will read the list of users from the database and will create the directory structure from the template with all the correct permissions.

Read more about the script in the documentation: Creating maildirectories automatically

If someone finds another, better, method. Please let me know.

Postfix updated to 2.5.6

Postfix 2.5.6 has been released this morning and I just installed and tested it on my test and production server and it all works as one should expect. There are no major changes in this release just some bugfixes.

The bugfixes in 2.5.6 are:

  • Postfix 2.5: the SMTP server did not ask for a client certificate
    with “smtpd_tls_req_ccert = yes”. Reported by Rob Foehl.
  • Postfix 2.5, 2.4 and 2.3: avoid reduced TCP performance when
    reusing an SMTP connection with a larger than 4096-byte TCP MSS
    value. In practice, this could happen only with loopback (localhost)

For instructions on how to upgrade Postfix please read Upgrading Postfix.

DIYMacServer is on Twitter

Well, as many others I joined Twitter. I did not want put everything here in the blog but still wanted to keep you informed on what I’m currently working on. So if you want to keep track of all the stuff I’m doing (strictly related to DIYMacServer of course) you can follow me at http://twitter.com/diymacserver.

I’ll be only tweeting what I’m doing at the moment or what I’m planning to do, if the task is finished and has some favorable results I will still blog about it here.

Roundcube releases 0.2 stable

The developers at Roundcube finally decided to release version 0.2 as a stable release. I’ve been using the beta versions without problems but thought it wouldn’t be prudent to let you do the same.

New things included are a simple installer function, HTML editor (TniyMCE) for creating HTML email and collapsable folders and much more. If you want to upgrade there are some instructions on how to do that in the most simple way possible without interfering too much with existing users.

By the way, because of the installer option I’ve also rewritten the installation instructions.