March 2009

Basic mailserver instructions now available in 64 bit mode

Finally, I’ve set myself to it after avery busy week at work. I’ve created a new set of pages to instruct you how to compile Postfix, Courier-Auth and Courier IMAP/POP3 in 64 bits mode. It’s basically setting some extra compiler flags but it takes some trial and error to find out which are the correct ones. Don’t forget you need a 64 bits MySQL installation to get this working otherwise you will get compiler errors.

The configuration of all the components is not affected by this new compilation method so they stay the same. Next up: DSPAM and Maildrop.

Adding GD and mcrypt to PHP

I’ve received many requests to add several modules to my documentation set of installing PHP. I’ve untill now avoided it because it is a lot of work to do this for all seperate versions. Not even mentioning solving issues and supporting all your questions.

I’ve now documented how to add GD (which was one of the most requested modules) and mcrypt (required for a safe use of phpmyadmin).

I’ve documented each module as a seperate installation and it will tell you which parameters to add to the normal PHP installation to make it work. In this manner everyone can select the modules he or she wants without the modules that aren’t needed.

Read more about it on their respective pages:

I hope you like this method of documention this.