I’ve been considering a new Mac for quite some time now. I needed the upgrade as my current mini’s don’t support 64 bit mode. I’ve been dependent on the computers of others to develop the 64 bit instructions. This was not an ideal situation to work with. The trouble is of course choosing which Mac to buy. All new Macs are gorgeous and each has his strong points. The mini is the cheapest Mac which could do the 64 bits, I really like the mini (I have 3 of them). I even considered buying a Mac Pro with the possible virtualization options in the future. I finally settled for a 15″ MacBook Pro.

Some of the reasons for choosing a laptop were:

  • The ability to take it with me. More people are depending on my support for their server (yes I offer paid support on a best effort basis) and being away from home without a Mac is making it difficult.
  • The option to use it for my day job and to drop the ugly Dell laptop I got from my employer. You’ve got to admit the new unibodies are drop dead gorgeous.
  • It’s gorgeous!
  • I think the 2 GPU’s are going to give me an advantage when Snow Leopard will be able to utilize them with the OpenCL stuff. This should mean I can keep using the new laptop for quite some time without it getting old and slow.

I wanted to to thank all the people who donated money, it’s been used to help me buy the laptop.

Here is a picture of the new laptop on my desk at home. Still installing and configuring the basic stuff before installing a new version of DIYMacServer. Enjoy.

PS. Just found out my old G4 mini got a problem. Probably a faulty hard drive…