This week was a mighty busy week for me as many programs got updates and I was still testing MySQL and the upgrade scenarios that are needed for current users. On top of that Apple came with the OS X 10.5.7 upgrade.

I’ve finished testing Postfix 2.6.0 and Courier auth 62.2 and Courier Imap 4.5.0 and I can tell you that you can upgrade safely to the newer version when you want to. I even upgraded my production server in the meantime.

The details on the Postfix upgrade:

  • Multi-instance support introduces a new postmulti(1) command to
    create/add/remove/etc. additional Postfix instances. The familiar
    “postfix start” etc. commands now automatically start multiple
    Postfix instances. The good news: nothing changes when you use
    only one Postfix instance. See MULTI_INSTANCE_README for details.
  • Multi-instance support required that some files be moved from
    the non-shared $config_directory to the shared $daemon_directory.
    The affected files are postfix-script, postfix-files and post-install.
  • TLS (SSL) support was updated for elliptic curve encryption. This
    requires OpenSSL version 0.9.9 or later. The SMTP client no longer
    uses the SSLv2 protocol by default. See TLS_README for details.
  • The Milter client now supports all Sendmail 8.14 Milter requests,
    including requests for rejected recipient addresses, and requests
    to replace the envelope sender address. See MILTER_README for
  • Postfix no longer adds (Resent-) From:, Date:, Message-ID: or To:
    headers to email messages with “remote” origins (these are origins
    that don’t match $local_header_rewrite_clients). Adding such
    headers breaks DKIM signatures that explicitly cover non-present
    headers. For compatibility with existing logfile processing
    software, Postfix will log “message-id=<>” for email messages
    that have no Message-Id header.
  • Stress-adaptive behavior is now enabled by default. This allows
    the Postfix SMTP server to temporarily reduce time limits and
    error-count limits under conditions of overload, such as a malware
    attack or backscatter flood.

The details on the Courier-Auth upgrade:

  • Compatibility fix for bash 4

The details on the Courier-IMAP upgrade:

  • Log more fatal errors on stderr
  • GnuTLS: add support for chained certs
  • Completely empty MIME entities incorrectly match any SEARCH request.
  • Some performance optimizations in header parsing
  • Incorrect reference to POP3_STLS in po3pdserver.c – should be POP3_TLS.

I’ve still have some issues in compiling the newly released Maildrop 2.1.0 but I’ll post a new blogpost as soon as that issue gets resolved.

For instructions on how to upgrade Postfix please read Upgrading Postfix.
To upgrade your courier-auth installation read Upgrading Courier-Auth
For instructions on how to upgrade Courier IMAP please read Upgrading Courier IMAP.