Well, I couldn’t leave Apple to it to be the only one making announcements on new products and features. There is some news here as well, I’m announcing a change as well.

OS X always had it’s own IMAP/POP3 server, called Cyrus, which I considered lacking and I used the Courier product stack which has always helped me a lot. But thanks to some attentive users (yes you James) I was informed that Apple is switching their mail server setup and they are moving to Dovecot.

It seems like Dovecot has become the better IMAP server, here is a comparison chart. From what I’ve read on the web Dovecot is more secure, faster and more IMAP compliant then any other server out there. Now the full details are available on Snow Leopard Server you will read that Dovecot is going to be the standard implementation. Here are some related news items that had spilled the news earlier: AppleInsider and Derek Underwood’s blog.

I’ve been playing with Dovecot for some time now, people following me on Twitter might have read about it already, and it is looking good. New mail notifications are faster than using Courier (almost feels like push mail). Dovecot also has most of the features we need and includes everything we currently used in separate modules from Courier (auth and maildrop). Because Dovecot can also do authentication there is no need for SASL anymore. This all will make the setup a lot simpler.

Also a feature called Sieve in Dovecot will enable server based filtering rules, this will enable server based filtering being managed by the end user.

My current plan is to first write an instruction for installing the basic mail server (postfix + dovecot) to provide the new setup to new users. Next step is writing a migration plan to be able to move current Courier users to Dovecot. Concurrently I will try to add current and new features that are enabled by the usage of Dovecot.

I hope you like the improvements and forgive me for not having a keynote ;-)