PHP have released an update yesterday and I’ve tested it and it works without any problems. It even has less errors in the test suite than the previous version. It has a security update included so it would be wise to upgrade if you can.

Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.2.10:

  • Fixed bug #48378 (exif_read_data() segfaults on certain
    corrupted .jpeg files).

Key enhancements in PHP 5.2.10 include:

  • Added “ignore_errors” option to http fopen wrapper.
  • Fixed memory corruptions while reading properties of zip files.
  • Fixed memory leak in ob_get_clean/ob_get_flush.
  • Fixed segfault on invalid session.save_path.
  • Fixed leaks in imap when a mail_criteria is used.
  • Changed default value of array_unique()’s optional sorting type
    parameter back to SORT_STRING to fix backwards compatibility breakage
    introduced in PHP 5.2.9.
  • Fixed bug #47940 (memory leaks in imap_body).
  • Fixed bug #47903 (“@” operator does not work with string offsets).
  • Fixed bug #47644 (Valid integers are truncated with json_decode()).
  • Fixed bug #47564 (unpacking unsigned long 32bit big endian returns wrong result).
  • Fixed bug #47365 (ip2long() may allow some invalid values on certain
    64bit systems).
  • Over 100 more bug fixes.

For instructions on how to upgrade PHP please read: Upgrading PHP.