Sam Varshavchik has been busy again checking everything against the new version of GCC and fixing a minor bug. He has done this for most of the Courier software stack. The ones that concern us are:

Courier-Auth was updated to 0.62.4

  • Various compilation fixes for gcc 4.4 and libtool 2.2

Courier-IMAP was updated to 4.5.1

  • Various compilation fixes for gcc 4.4
  • fetch.c (open_cached_fp): If the message file cannot be opened,
    create a dummy message in its place.

Courier Maildrop was updated to 2.2.0

Please do not use this version as it will not work, please download version 2.0.4. I’m not spending more time on this as of the switch to dovecot later this week.

  • GCC 4.4 fixes

Updating should be easy, just follow the install instructions as usual.