Amazon is always one of those companies who wants to help people to be the first to receive new products with their ability to pre-order. The release of Snow Leopard is almost there and Amazon is allowing pre-orders now. If you want to be sure you are one of the first to receive Snow Leopard you can order it on-line at Amazon. If you use any of the links provided you’ll be supporting this blog as we get a small commission as affiliate.

I will be ordering a family pack myself as I have more than one Mac in the house ;-)

I’m already testing the DIYMacServer setup on a beta version of Snow Leopard and I hope to have all the instructions ready before the official launch of Snow Leopard. I’ll try to include some migration strategies as well, although I firmly believe in doing a clean install of a new OS and not to perform an upgrade. It helps you in cleaning all the old stuff, all the apps that you no longer use and are still lingering on the HD.

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