Recently I got some remarks from a user who asked why he was not able to compile 64 bits on the PowerPC platform. My notes and instructions did not mention this and I must confess that I had forgotten this as I could not see a PowerMac or iMac G5 as your basic mailserver.

But I’m wrong, as my basic goal was to provide you with a complete mailserver solution, I have to acknowledge that the most polular pages are on installing Apache, PHP and third MySQL. The popularity of the mailserver instructions comes way lower then these three subjects.

So therefore I’ve updated all the 64 bit instructions with how to compile on a 64 bit PowerPC platform. You have to forgive me for not being able to test this (no G5 at my place!) I’m using the input of someone else who told me this. It was a very simple change as you only need to change the ‘x86_64‘ bit into ‘ppc64‘ and that’s it.

If someone else could verify that this works it would be grand!