August 2009

Apache updated to 2.2.13

I got an email today from the unreliable Apache announcement mailing list (somehow all releases are not emailed out) that a new version was released yesterday. I’ve downloaded this version 2.2.13 and compiled it right away on my test machine as a user had indicated a problem with 2.2.12 earlier last week.

It looks like the option “-enable-layout” does not work as we once expected. There are now 3 different config.layout files which we need to edit to use our own layout:

  • ./config.layout
  • ./srclib/apr/config.layout
  • ./srclib/apr-util/config.layout

Each will have the same content. I can’t find out why this change has been made and why we need to do this. I hope someone can explain this to me and how to resolve this.

Beyond this issue I could not find a problem with this new version on my test servers. therefore I even tried it on my production server to see if that would work properly and it did.

This version is a release with a small security problem so please upgrade if you want to. Read all about the changes in the 2.2.13 changelog.

If you’ve forgotten how to upgrade your Apache installation in the least painfull way with a possibility to go back if something goes wrong: Upgrading Apache

Dovecot updated to 1.2.3

There is a new version of the Dovecot IMAP and POP3 server released. It’s a bug fix release that where discoverd since the last release. I’ve updated all my test servers without any issue. Here is a list of issues fixed:

  • Mailbox names with control characters can’t be created anymore. Existing mailboxes can still be accessed though.
  • Allow namespace prefix to be opened as mailbox, if a mailbox already exists in the root dir.
  • Maildir: dovecot-uidlist was being recreated every time a mailbox was accessed, even if nothing changed.
  • listescape plugin was somewhat broken
  • Compiling fixes for non-Linux/BSDs
  • imap: tb-extra-mailbox-sep workaround was broken.
  • ldap: Fixed hang when >128 requests were sent at once.
  • fts_squat: Fixed crashing when searching virtual mailbox.
  • imap: Fixed THREAD .. INTHREAD crashing.

Mac OS X update 10.5.8 and Security Update 2009-003

I’ve just finished updating my test and production server with Mac OSX 10.5.8. The update went without any problem and my setup was not affected in a negative way. Even postfix kept working without a problem.

If you want to read more on what is affected in the updates I would suggest reading the Apple support site for the 10.5.8 update and the Security Update 2009-003.

In case of doubt, please make a full bootable disk image backup with Carbon Copy Cloner before you start. There are some people having reported problems with previous update so better be safe then sorry!

Good luck

MySQL released 5.1.37

For everyone who has upgraded to a 5.1.x version. This is again a bug fix release like 5.1.36 and it is up to you if you want to upgrade. There are no apparent security issues solved in this release.

Check all the fixes and changes that are listed on the release notes to see what issues are resolved and if you are affected.

I’ve compiled this version and did some simple tests on my test servers and it worked without any problems.

Read the documentation on how to ugrade MySQL.

Pre-ordering Snow Leopard at Amazon

Amazon is always one of those companies who wants to help people to be the first to receive new products with their ability to pre-order. The release of Snow Leopard is almost there and Amazon is allowing pre-orders now. If you want to be sure you are one of the first to receive Snow Leopard you can order it on-line at Amazon. If you use any of the links provided you’ll be supporting this blog as we get a small commission as affiliate.

I will be ordering a family pack myself as I have more than one Mac in the house ;-)

I’m already testing the DIYMacServer setup on a beta version of Snow Leopard and I hope to have all the instructions ready before the official launch of Snow Leopard. I’ll try to include some migration strategies as well, although I firmly believe in doing a clean install of a new OS and not to perform an upgrade. It helps you in cleaning all the old stuff, all the apps that you no longer use and are still lingering on the HD.

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