It’s looking mighty fine from a user perspective, even more now as I use my MBP for work in a Microsoft environment. The Exchange integration with Addressbook and iCal is very welcome. I will find out more next week when I get back in the office.

But as I also use my MBP as the 64 bit test server. I was very dissapointed to find out that a lot was gone aftet the upgrade. All launchdaemon plist files where gone so nothing was started. Postfix binary had been replaced (was to be expected). All the configuration for Apache was gone, Postfix config replaced (but old ones renamed). Still assessing most of the damage at the moment.

But first success was that the Apache installation for Leopard also works for Snow Leopard. Don’t forget to install the XCode package from the Snow Leopard install DVD.

By the way I had to buy a copy today (which was hard because it was sold out at many places) because the family pack was not yet available.

I will post of my findings tomorrow.

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