PHP have released an update to the 5.2.x version. Many people still have problems with the backwards compatibility of 5.3 and are still using 5.2.10. In this release which is a security bug-fix and if you are running 5.2.10 I would urge you to upgrade.

Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.2.11:

  • Fixed certificate validation inside php_openssl_apply_verification_policy.
  • Fixed sanity check for the color index in imagecolortransparent().
  • Added missing sanity checks around exif processing.
  • Fixed bug #44683 (popen crashes when an invalid mode is passed).

Key enhancements in PHP 5.2.11 include:

  • Fixed regression in cURL extension that prevented flush of data to output defined as a file handle.
  • A number of fixes for the FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL validation rule
  • Fixed bug #49361 (wordwrap() wraps incorrectly on end of line boundaries).
  • Fixed bug #48696 (ldap_read() segfaults with invalid parameters)
  • Fixed bug #48645 (mb_convert_encoding() doesn’t understand hexadecimal html-entities).
  • Fixed bug #48619 (imap_search ALL segfaults).
  • Fixed bug #48400 (imap crashes when closing stream opened with OP_PROTOTYPE flag).
  • Fixed bug #47351 (Memory leak in DateTime).
  • Over 60 bug fixes.

For instructions on how to upgrade PHP please read: Upgrading PHP.