Sorry, but I somehow missed this one completely and no one of you told me as well. But it is forgivable as version 0.2 is working like a charm. I’ve installed it on my production server as soon as I noticed the upgrade expecting a lot of changes, but most of the GUI is still the same there are only changes to the settings page. Most of the changes are under the hood improving speed and responsiveness and also fixing some of the issues that were still outstanding.

My advice, upgrade as soon as possible. Download the latest version from here.

To upgrade roundcube, if you’ve used the DIYMacServer provided installation instructions, and if you are upgrading from 0.2 stable are:

Extract the 0.3 archive into '/Library/WebServer/Documents'. Create new copies of the configuration files and edit them to reflect the same settings as in the 0.2 installation.

CD into the new extracted directory and make the temp and log folder writeable for Apache with the following commands:

chown -R _www:_www temp
chown -R _www:_www logs

Remove the original ’roundcubemail’ symbolic link in '/Library/WebServer/Documents' and create a new one:

sudo ln -s /Library/WebServer/Documents/roundcubemail.0.3 /Library/WebServer/Documents/roundcubemail

That’s it.