Warning, be careful when updating your server. I noticed a few hick-ups on my machine. I will update this post with my findings through the day when I find out more.

Leopard Issues:

  • Resolved: My remote desktop isn’t working anymore, still looking into this one. Solution: It somehow works again after some time waiting, probably I was trying to fast

Working: Everything else does not look to be affected, even Postfix is as is (in contrast to Snow Leopard)

Snow Leopard issues:

  • Postfix binary get’s replaced, you’ll have to do a ‘sudo make install’ from the last install direcory to get it working again.

For the rest on Snow Leopard everything seems to be working as intended. Will do some more test during the day.

Read more about the update to 10.6.2 here and the security update 2009-006 here.

If you find anything please let us know in the comments and I will try to verify.

Update: No more problems found, I guess it was just a postfix problem and as Joe has commented I need to change the location to prevent future issues.