Timo released another bugfix to Dovecot, he hopes it will last for the next few months. I guess he needs more time for the 2.x release which is coming along nicely. Bugs fixed in this issue are:

  • maildir: When saving, filenames now always contain ,S=. Previously this was done only when quota plugin was loaded. It’s required for zlib plugin and may be useful for other things too.
  • lazy-expunge: Support a single-namespace configuration. If a mailbox is deleted, its messages are merged with its old expunged messages (if there were any).
  • expire: Settings now support spaces in mailbox names by using quoted strings.
  • maildir: v1.2.7 and v1.2.8 caused assert-crashes in maildir_uidlist_records_drop_expunges()
  • maildir_copy_preserve_filename=yes could have caused crashes.
  • Maildir++ quota: % limits weren’t updated when limits were read from maildirsize.
  • virtual: v1.2.8 didn’t fully fix the “lots of mailboxes” bug
  • virtual: Fixed updating virtual mailbox based on flag changes.
  • fts-squat: Fixed searching multi-byte characters.