Thank you Wietse, I was waiting for this update as it fixes the problem we had on Snow Leopard woth the nameserver include. I was told by another user that Wietse was going to release a fix and here it is. Now we can compile Postfix without editing the source code. All the bugs fixed are:

  • Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.6) in the XFORWARD implementation, which sends remote SMTP client attributes through SMTP-based content filters. The Postfix SMTP client did not skip “unknown” SMTP client attributes, causing a syntax error when sending an “unknown” client PORT attribute.
  • Robustness: skip LDAP queries with non-ASCII search strings, instead of failing with a database lookup error.
  • Safety: Postfix processes now log a warning when a matchlist has a #comment at the end of a line (for example mynetworks or relay_domains).
  • Portability: OpenSSL 1.0.0 changes the priority of anonymous cyphers.
  • Portability: Mac OS 10.6.3 requires instead of .
  • Portability: Berkeley DB 5.x is now supported.

No functionality has been removed, but it is a good idea to review the RELEASE_NOTES file for the usual minor incompatibilities or limitations.

Next up: updating the documentation to reflect the fact that you don’t need to update the source code.

For instructions on how to upgrade Postfix please read Upgrading Postfix.