Since we now support the Dovecot 2.x branch we need to get those updates tested as well. This week a new update has been released. I have to admit that my own production server is still running 1.2.x but that has more to do with lack of time than perceived instability. I’ve got this version running on 2 of my test machines and it works great.

There are some small fixes and logging improvements, but most importantly fixes LMTP with Maildir.

  • vpopmail support is disabled for now, since it’s broken. You can use it via checkpassword support or its sql/ldap database directly.
  • maildir: Fixed “duplicate uidlist entry” errors that happened at least with LMTP when mail was delivered to multiple recipients
  • Deleting ACLs didn’t cause entries to be removed from acl_shared_dict
  • mail_max_lock_timeout setting wasn’t working with all locks
  • auth_cache_size setting’s old-style value wasn’t autoconverted
    and it usually also caused a crash