I got an email from one of the users of DIYMacServer who encountered a hard drive failure on his web and mail server. He asked me about the best path to resolve this and have the least impact on his current users. This got me thinking, since I moved to macminicolo.net I’ve been so lucky I never had any serious problem and got lazy, so I need to look again at my own situation.

Currently I’ve got rsync scripts which copy my mail, web, database and /etc to an external disk. Thinking that I can rebuild a new mini in a few hours, I got a spare at home (which still would need a rebuild) and can change DNS entries quit quickly to make the change transparent for users. But this requires for my server to be online. I’ve used Amazon S3 earlier for backup earlier with a specific rsync script that copied everything over to Amazon. But somehow never got to that….

What is your solution for handling outages?