I’ve been trying to get the latest release of MySQL working properly and wanted to share some of the progress made. One of the challenges is that they complete redone the build process which now includes the use of cmake in addition to the normal make process. I’ve got the basics mostly covered but still encountered some issues, mostly related to getting PHP to work with this. Which made it difficult for me to even start testing the complete install (as my test are build with PHP for simplicity) and also limited the usefulness of the installation as most of our setup depend on using mysql with other compiled software. I haven’t even started on getting postfix or dovecot to work with this.

I found some bugs in the mysql bug forum related to these issues like:
#58987, #59006 and #59236

For the moment I would advise you to keep using MySQL 5.1.x, you can still download the 5.1.53 source code from the archive.

So I’m still working on it, and will keep you posted on any progress made.