Wow, this is a big surprise. I never expected this. On the new Mac OS X Lion preview page there is a long list of the new features that are included. I almost didn’t notice the last part because I was overwhelmed by the first features and thought, oh yes there is going to be a server version as well. As there where earlier rumors that the server version would be discontinued.

But no, server is not going to be discontinued, its going to be part of the normal version. So no more $499,- for a server, it’s already included in the standard OS.

I’m not sure what this would mean for our site. I still need to let this sink in. I think we will wait and see until I’ve installed my version of Lion during the summer (I don’t have access to the developer version). One of the things that spring to mind is that it is difficult to manage multiple domains with many users in the server version of OS X as each user must be defined as a local user.

So we will keep our options open but we would love to hear your feedback on this bombshell.

What do you think, is there still a future for DIYMacServer?