Just a few days ago Timo released 2.0.10 which I was to blog about when another mail dropped in. He just released version 2.0.11 which solved a bug he discovered in 2.0.10. That was quick.

So here is the list of items solved in 2.0.10

  • LMTP: For user+detail@domain deliveries, the +detail is again written to Delivered-To: header.
  • Skip auth penalty checks from IPs in login_trusted_networks.
  • Added import_environment setting.
  • Added submission_host setting to send mails via SMTP instead of via sendmail binary.
  • Added doveadm acl get/set/delete commands for ACL manipulation, similar to how IMAP ACL extension works.
  • Added doveadm acl debug command to help debug and fix problems with why shared mailboxes aren’t working as expected.
  • IMAP: Fixed hangs with COMPRESS extension
  • IMAP: Fixed a hang when trying to COPY to a nonexistent mailbox.
  • IMAP: Fixed hang/crash with SEARCHRES + pipelining $.
  • IMAP: Fixed assert-crash if IDLE+DONE is sent in same TCP packet.
  • LMTP: Fixed sending multiple messages in a session.
  • doveadm: Fixed giving parameters to mail commands.
  • doveadm import: Settings weren’t correctly used for the import storage.
  • dsync: Fixed somewhat random failures with saving messages to remote dsync.
  • v2.0.9: Config reload didn’t notify running processes with shutdown_clients=no, so they could have kept serving new clients with old settings.

And here is the issues solved in 2.0.11

  • dotlock_use_excl setting’s default was accidentally “no” in all v2.0.x releases, instead of “yes” as in v1.1 and v1.2. Changed it back to “yes”.
  • v2.0.10: LDAP support was broken
  • v2.0.10: dsyncing to remote often hanged (timed out in 15 mins)

I’ve tested it and is running already on a production machine.