Here is a new version of Postfix, just released and I’ve got it tested on Snow Leopard and Leopard on my test machines. It solves some small bugs as listed below:

  • Bugfix: postscreen DNSBL scoring error. When a client disconnected and then reconnected before all DNSBL results for the earlier session arrived, DNSBL results for the earlier session would be added to the score for the later session. This is very unlikely to have affected any legitimate mail.
  • Workaround: the SMTP client did not support mail to [ipv6:ipv6addr].
  • Portability: FreeBSD closefrom() was back-ported to FreeBSD 7, breaking FreeBSD 7.x support retroactively.
  • Portability: the SUN compiler had trouble with a pointer expression of the form “(“text1″ “text2″) + constant” so we don’t try to be so clever.

Some people have reported problems with updating from an older version (before 2.8.x) that the TLS is no longer working. If you upgrade please add this line to your configuration file:

smtpd_tls_exclude_ciphers = SSLv2, aNULL, ADH, eNULL

and restart postfix. Everything should work as expected.

As usual you can read the instructions on how to upgrade Postfix at Upgrading Postfix.