I’ve just installed the updates on all my test and production machines running Snow Leopard and Leopard. I did a couple of tests on the machines and could not see an immediate problem. The Security Update 2011-002 does an uncomfortable change on Leopard. I’ve noticed that it adds Apple’s idea of a security feature to the Postfix configuration file. To correct it please comment out or delete the following line from ‘/etc/postfix/main.cf‘:

inet_interfaces = localhost

Restart postfix (reloading config does not work) with:

sudo postfix stop

Postfix should restart automatically (if not run “sudo postfix start”).

By the way the postfix binary could also have been updated on Leopard, you can check that by running:

sudo postconf -m

If it has been updated you won’t see MySQL being named in the list. Re-install postfix by going into your latest source directory you’ve used the last time and run

sudo make install
sudo postfix stop