The former design was already from 2008 and it was time for a refresh. I was trying for a more cleaner look with a more minimal design. Less is moreā€¦ I also worked on the readability of the site. As people are getting more pixels on their screen it was time to make more use of it and I’ve made the design a bit wider to accommodate the use of bigger fonts. I also included a new plugin which should help in the readability of the code and scripts. It should also help in prevent in some of the errors that happened to some when copying and pasting the scripts directly to an editor or the Terminal. To preview the effect of the new plugin look at Compiling Apache in 32 bits mode on Snow Leopard. Drawback is that I need to make changes to all the rest of existing pages to make use of the plugin so bear with me. if you have any remarks please let me know, improvements are always welcome!

I’m working as well on a new rewrite of the instructions to accommodate the changes that were introduced by MySQL 5.5 but it takes some time. I’m also working on relocating the postfix stuff to have the compiled version in a different location than the original version to make sure we don’t get interference from Apple’s updates. I’m still having doubts on creating a specific direcotry for averything called /usr/local/diymacserver/ or just use /usr/local/. Let me hear your thoughts!

Some additional history and perspective: It’s almost 4 years ago I’ve started this particular blog and 6 years since (which still generates a lot of traffic). The current site has 250 posts and 150 pages with documentation which will be expanded greatly during the summer when Lion will be released.