The Apache team have released a security update to the popular webserver. This version of Apache is principally a bug fix release, correcting regressions in the httpd 2.2.18 package; the use of that previous 2.2.18 package is discouraged due to these flaws:

  • SECURITY: CVE-2011-1928 ( A fix in bundled APR 1.4.4 apr_fnmatch() to address CVE-2011-0419 introduced a new vulnerability. httpd workers enter a hung state (100% cpu utilization) after updating to APR 1.4.4. Upgrading to APR 1.4.5 bundled with the httpd 2.2.19 package, or using APR 1.4.3
    or prior with the ‘IgnoreClient’ option of the ‘IndexOptions’ directive will circumvent both issues.
  • httpd 2.2.18: The ap_unescape_url_keep2f() function signature was inadvertantly changed. This breaks binary compatibility of a number of third-party modules. This httpd-2.2.19 package restores the function signature provided by 2.2.17 and prior.

I would strongly advise you to upgrade your server accordingly and not to use the httpd 2.2.18 package. i’ve installed it on several machines without an error.

If you’ve forgotten how to upgrade your Apache installation in the least painfull way with a possibility to go back if something goes wrong: Upgrading Apache