Here is another update, later then I hoped but still before Lion is released. I wanted to finish the basics on the new installation structure before Lion is released so that I could use them on Lion.

It’s still not complete as there is much ground to cover to get it all done and a personal life that has a tendency to interfere with my ambitions ;-)

As told earlier the new structure means installing everything in “/usr/local/” so that security and regular updates won’t interfere and we can upgrade without worrying if everything will still work afterwards.

Under the skin I’ve also started re-arranging the pages so that there is a more logical structure. You will notice that in the URL’s. You can find the updated documentation here:

I’ve read the recommendations on Lion and it looks like it will be 64 bits from Lion onwards. This means that I can skip the 32 bit instructions which is very welcome as it means less testing.

Last week I also renewed my contract with Macminicolo and added another 2 years hosting with them. Their service during the last 3 years is excellent and I’ve asked them to find me a newer second hand Mac mini to be able to upgrade to Lion on my production server. I’m currently running a CoreDuo mini at their datacenter which in not capable of running Lion. That is the only reason to get a newer mini. In my experience they are almost bullet proof. I still have one of the first G4 mini’s (from 2005) here at home running 24/7 as a test server for Leopard. The only problem I had with it is the hard disk which I had to replace in 2009.