Alright here is the first result of adapting the instructions to Mac OS X 10.7 aka Lion. First some remarks, to get the quickest results I decided to first do everything in a virtual machine as I wanted to take the time to upgrade my desktop. It was remarkably easy to install Lion as a virtual OS using VMWare. First I tried with Virtualbox which works with Snow Leopard but that didn’t work for Lion. So I tried with the current beta of VMWare Fusion which I am currently testing and that one went without any problem. Just do a “Show Package Contents” of “Install Mac OS X Lion” and copy the file “InstallESD.dmg”. Create a new virtual machine and point it to this DMG file for installing and it will install like a regular Mac. If anyone has a regular version of VMWare Fusion 3.1.x can you verify that this works?

Next step was getting XCode on the machine for which I had to use the “App Store” but luckily XCode is again free! Everything installed I was ready to go. One of the things I noticed is that I can install everything in 64 bits without needing to explicitly specifying it which we had to do on Snow Leopard. Also note that there is no more 32 bits on Lion! This is why it won’t run on some of the older Intel Macs.

So if you’ve already upgraded your Mac to Lion or just have bought a new one and need to install MAMP, that part is no finished. Next step is me taking the time to upgrade my desktop and then attack the mail-server documentation.

Update: Just got this in my RSS reader, VMWare 3.1.3 does not support Lion as a guest. The current Beta does so I guess you have to wait till 3.1.4 or join the beta program!

Also found that PostgresSQL 9.0.4 is installed with OS X Lion! There is documentation in /Library/Webserver/Documents and the psql command is available. Let’s see what we can find out moreā€¦

Found this in the official Apple documentation What is new in Mac OS X 10.7

Beginning in Mac OS X v10.7, Mac OS X Server ships with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL as its database server. If you are using other software that requires MySQL, you must install it yourself.