October 2011

Postfix updated to 2.8.6

Here is a new version of Postfix, just released and I’ve got it tested on Snow Leopard and Lion on my test and production machines.

  • The Postfix SMTP daemon sent “bare” newline characters instead of when a header_checks REJECT pattern matched multi-line header. This bug was introduced with Postfix 1.1.
  • The Postfix SMTP daemon sent “bare” newline characters instead of when an smtpd_proxy_filter returned a multi-line response. This bug was introduced with Postfix 2.1.
  • For compatibility with future EAI (email address internationalization) implementations, the Postfix MIME processor no longer enforces the strict_mime_encoding_domain check on unknown message subtypes such as message/global*. This check is disabled by default.
  • The Postfix master daemon could report a panic error (“master_spawn: at process limit”) after the process limit for some service was reduced with “postfix reload”. This bug existed in all Postfix versions.

Howto upgrade postfix.

Mac OS X Update 10.7.2 and Security Update 2011-006

Sorry for this late post, but it is by many things like a short holiday and illness…

If you followed the latest set of instructions where everything was located in /usr/local then these updates wouldn’t have affected you. However for all the people who are still on the original setup you will have been impacted as this security update installs and overwrites PHP and Postfix.

The solution to this is still the same go into the source directory of the last installed version and run a “sudo make install” for PHP and Postfix, restart Apache and Postfix and everything is back in order again. You might also need to comment out the line:

inet_interfaces = localhost

from “/etc/postfix/main.cf

Try to migrate as soon as possible to the new setup to save you from future problems with the next security update.

ClamAV update – 0.97.3

There is a update for ClamAV available for download. The current version is 0.97.3. Upgrading is relatively easy and straight forward. All that needs to be done is remove the old version and install the new.

You can check the instructions on what to do here Upgrading ClamAV.

There is no need to reconfigure anything.