Timo released a new version of Dovecot, I’ve installed it on my test servers and production server without a problem. No security issues solved, upgrade at your own leisure. The noticeable changes are:

  • DIGEST-MD5 authentication supports authorization id now. Patch by Yubao Liu
  • Added instance_name setting which is used to prefix Dovecot processes in ps output.
  • LDA/LMTP: Sending a large mail via submission_host or via LMTP proxy may have caused a hang.
  • Fixed dbox + mail_attachment_dir + zlib problems.
  • Login processes weren’t logging all intended messages with auth_verbose=yes
  • IMAP: THREAD REFS sometimes returned invalid (0) nodes.
  • IMAP: CONTEXT search return option wasn’t handled at all.
  • dbox: Various error handling fixes.
  • snarf plugin: Keep the mailbox locked during snarfing to avoid duplicates.