During the last week I’ve seen comments regarding the failing of the compilation. The first one was that I completely missed the dependency on PCRE. Because it’s also required for out Postfix installation I already had it installed and didn’t notice it. You can download it from the sourceforge PCRE site. The latest tested version is 8.30. Download it, unpack it and run the following commands in the source directory:

sudo make install

The other thing I missed was the new release of Xcode. Apple released a new version of Xcode 4.3.2 which has a new method of installing. Instead of downloading the Installer from the App Store you can now install Xcode directly from the App Store. However somehow i think they needed to make the package smaller and they left out some the for us essential parts. Luckily its all still free. If you install Xcode from the App Store you need to perform some follow up actions to make it work. Startup Xcode, then let Xcode uninstall the older version, go to the preferences and go for the download tab.

Then select to install the command line tools. Use your apple-id and password to make it happen. After this you’ll be up and running in no time.

Update: If you have a developer account and can login to http://developer.apple.com you can also download the command line tools as a standalone package. Go to the download section and try it there. I’ve got the full Xcode installation as I sometimes try to write that one iPhone app that will make me a millionaire. Let me know if this works for you.